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SARP sprang out of the Seniors' Caucus in AFTRA in 2008, after David Westberg was appointed Chair of the Caucus by AFTRA Prez. Ron Morgan. We learned that Chicago and Atlanta were performing old time radio scripts for live audiences as benefits for local charities on a one-time-a-year basis. Westberg said we should be doing those here on a regular basis.......as  a tribute to AFTRA's MOST SENIOR jurisdiction (get it? Seniors' Caucus celebrating AFTRA's most SENIOR juris.....) We formed a sub-committee and dove in. 

Our first two evenings were presented in the Frank Maxwell Boardroom. In our second audience were two Special Events staff members from the Autry Museum. They called the next day and offered us the Wells Fargo Theatre three times a year. It has been a magic marriage. We now perform four times a year, with two shows each presentation. The house seats about 250 and is usually packed. The committee picks the shows, names the directors and casts the show with auditions (of about 125 actors) three weeks before the production date. We rehearse a couple of times, then physically put the shows together the day of performances. Five years ago, we included a celebration of Gene Autry's contribution to radio with our Christmas show in early December which are two episodes of MELODY RANCH as-broadcast, for the Christmas spirit. Merry merry...Happy happy. We are very proud of our accomplishments!