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The Hollywood Radio Players (HRP) is a company of contemporary actors who perform classic
radio plays from The Golden Age of Radio (the 1920’s through 1950’s) in a unique Zoom-hybrid
medium. This format allows audiences around the world to not only hear the HRP actors
perform these legendary radio plays, but to also see the actors on the audience’s screens
wherever they are.
This unique format is “Radio You Can See.”
HRP also utilizes special effects, sound effects, music, props and era-specific costumes, while
using the historical scripts.
When needed, the multi-talented HRP members will play several roles in the same episode,
performing in different accents, genders and ages. They also alternate directing, editing,
creating effects, music and more.
Currently, HRP loans a first-look episode every month from their “Radio You Can See”
anthology series to the Motion Picture and Television Fund ( MPTF) to help raise much-needed
funds for the many assistance programs MPTF has been providing to people in the
entertainment community for over 100 years.
HRP is produced by EMMY nominated actress/producer Lee Purcell and actor/producer Michael
The Hollywood Radio Players has many shows for your viewing pleasure to suit audiences of all
ages. You can find our show links on this website under Our Shows and on our YouTube
channel, Hollywood Radio Players. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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